Coach K's

Presents How a Tennis Racket is Made

Racket raw materials

These are all the fiber types that go into various rackets. The combination, alignment, and placement of fibers depends on the performance desired (power, control, cost).

Racket blanks

The fibers are heated and formed into a sheet that is then cut to make shapes (about 12 for this frame) for the various frames.

Racket molds

From here on out, the rackets are each made individually. The pieces of material are rolled and placed in a mold. Air is injected through a tube in the handle to hold its shape.

Racket after mold

The mold is subjected to very high heat in an oven. The racket on the left is fresh from the oven with the tube still in the handle. The one on the right is cleaned up and ready for finishing.

Racket with decals

The decals, grommet set, handle, butt cap, and grip are applied to finish the frame. All of this work is done by hand.

Cut away view of a racket.

A cut away view of a typical racket.

This information was provided in a workshop at the 2008 Grand Slam Stringers/USRSA convention and presented by Wilson Racquets.